Frequently Asked Questions

Can't I do the same thing with a spreadsheet?

Saving images (screen shots) and viewing chart data is difficult with spreadsheets.

With The Trade Archives your images (screen shots) are saved to the cloud and can be easily tied to a trade or note. Additionally, The Trade Archives has integrated charts so you can save all your techincal analysis for your trades.

- We have integrated The Trade Archives with Twitter, YouTube, and other media types to make linking and reviewingd your trade journey easy.

- All your data is filterable and sortable with The Trade Archives and we will implement any charts or data that you would like to see.

We support ALL Brokers!

We created a revolutionary import sequence that allows us to handle any .CSV file from any broker. Here is a video of how it works. Import Trades | The Trade Archives

We support Options and some Futures

Yes, you can add them manually or include them from your .CSV file when you import trades.

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