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You can use all of these:

Service Embed Type  
Amazon Kindle instant previews Videos  
Animoto Videos  
Blip Videos  
Cloudup Videos, Galleries, Images  
CollegeHumor Videos  
Crowdsignal Polls & Surveys  
DailyMotion Videos  
Facebook post, activity, photo, video, media, question, note  
Flickr Videos & Images Videos  
Giphy Animated GIFs  
Hulu Videos  
Imgur Images  
Instagram Images  
Issuu Documents  
Kickstarter Projects Various  
Mixcloud Music  
Photobucket Images  
Reddit Posts & Comments  
ReverbNation Music  
Scribd Documents  
SlideShare Presentation slideshows  
SmugMug Various  
SoundCloud Music  
Speaker Deck Presentation slideshows  
Spotify Music  
TED Videos  
Tumblr Various  
Twitter Tweet, profile, list, collection, likes, Moment  
VideoPress Videos  
Vimeo Videos  
Vine Videos  
YouTube Videos  


  • YouTube – only public and “unlisted” videos and playlists – “private” videos will not embed.
  • Tumblr – only posts ( are recognized, not standalone images (

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